Couch Gives Birth To A Cat

Birt 26 apr 2021
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  • The miracle of life.

  • Why wasn’t it a kitten

  • 0:20

  • why does the cat just look around like it’s on another planet 😂

  • Bruh do you think anybody will believe you at first one

  • 3:00 at least it's not a wildfire again

  • 1:48 He was named a Winner??I taught he had to keep his name - Josh!

  • Bengek

  • I think josh should have won that fight I mean he beat josh, josh, and josh so it’s understandable that he would win

  • Everything really can happened in this world even couch giving birth to cat.

  • It's just a cat stuck in a couch, who knows it

  • I’m a bit concerned about a couch *doing it* with a cat to be honest...

  • Such high quality content... like my wife 😎

  • LOL

  • How did the cat get in the couch in the first place

  • Everyone looks at me......

  • Madame Gazelle when the kids at Playgroup call her dumb: 2:22

  • we'll deal with the cat in the couch."

  • The real question is, how in the world did the cat get in the couch?!

  • The Josh battle will never be forgotten

  • Me when the guests leave

  • I love how the bird is like yes. See my skin as you learn about me my child

  • my friend:who won the josh battle? Me: J O S H

  • Where can I get my own drone surfboard?

  • I wanted Josh to win and he did. Well done, Josh. I originally wanted Josh then changed my mind in favour of Josh.

  • That has to be the stupidest sheep in the history of the universe

  • The toucan can't help it, but I wish I could unsee that I never needed to see that it has the skin that it does omg

  • They were just Joshing around

  • I don't get it

  • The MEOWacle of birth

  • 0:03 aww the baby couch is so cute!

  • Cat says, "Aww..he didn't sit on the couch! I was going to surprise him!" Jesus Christ is Coming Back! I’m not asking you to get religious - 2 minutes of your time: To be Saved just confess out loud to GOD and admit that you are a sinner in need of a Saviour and confess that you believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for your sins, was buried, and was raised back to Life on the third day. 1 Cor 15:1-4. GOD is listening to you and He will write your name down in His Book of Life so that you may enter Heaven.

  • My God that Josh fight looked so much fun lol

  • Now ima make my couch get a cat brb

  • That birth was fast

  • Congratulations! its a... cat?

  • Daily dose of internet: a small flood in Australia Me: yea small Me: rewatching Me also: oh he said large

  • 2:22 why does that look fake?


  • Cat coming out of cat, ironic

  • The main villain coming back in season three like: 0:03

  • that looks like my old cat that ran away her name was angel :(

  • me asking my mom were baby come from her showing me this lol

  • So who's the mother then? 👀

  • Those jerking on couch worked!!

  • Mommy, where do cats come from?

  • im having a terrible time right now... This helped me so much thank you. this was so funny and helpful thank you

  • the tucan is pretty

  • i know how to stop world overpopulation, kill all sofas

  • our cats used to go in the couch. there is a heater behind it and they loved to go there when they where kittens

  • Poor tucan

  • We all know cat is a kind of liquid 😏 yeah 🙄.. ummhh 🤔🤔

  • imagine bird watching then you see a naked-seethrough bird staring at you lol

  • Lol

  • the last one sheeeeeeeeesh

  • Oh, that's where my cat went.

  • So many ppl named josh

  • Rip

  • The holy cat of couchville. Tell me I'm not the only one who understands.

  • That sheep is so stupid that it deserves to be eaten.. 😅

  • 1:59 RIP

  • Couch it’s infected we have to put it down Oreo cat put him in the fan


  • Protagonist chicken

  • 😆

  • Dude he already said those chickens aren't worth 5000 lol maybe 200

  • Fos ro dawg

  • every video has to have some one falling


  • 0:04 the beginning to a dark souls boss fight be like:

  • Holy fucking shit is that a reference for a movie that starred Jim Carrey?

  • wow. the couch seems chill, instead of having pain.

  • Cat manicure

  • 1:28 🄰 🄺🄸🄳 🅆🄾🄽

  • 1:07 Literally every helicopter in the distance sound in movies.

  • Sheeeeeeeeeeeeit

  • The black chicken was normal in my country... Guess I can make a million dollars then 😅

  • Yasss black chicken lives matter

  • He got isekai'd as a cat after getting hit by a truck.

  • 1:48 wrong, he wasn't named the winner, in fact he got to keep his name.

  • Haven't seen this channel in about a year. Good to be back!

  • I bet that sofa is filthy and full of cat shit.

  • great now i know how ppl are...b... (gags)

  • World war josh 1:34

  • What you don't see in this 2:53 flooding, is that more than 300.000 cattle had died.

  • Black chicken? I'll pay $2 for it since it isn't the best color for all things to be, white!

  • Lamb be like " I'm FREE I'm FREE~! oof". 20 sec

  • I’m so sad that Josh Dun couldn’t join the Josh fight, that kid would’ve kicked his ass 😔

  • 1:58 Far cry Vibes

  • Everyone had faith in Josh

  • That cat be like- who tf said pspspspspsps

  • I just want this to happen once where DDOI says "Hello everyone this ISN'T Your Daily Dose Of Internet", I would laugh if he actually saw this comment and did it, just a small event.

  • Minecraft playes to gain speed be like 2:29

  • Knew it josh win

  • Jokes aside I hope that toucan is okay.

  • Toucans do not have transparent skin their neck is not connected to that back part at the top the Mohawk thing

  • I didn’t know that was the purpose of the josh fight, I thought it was only for fun and called josh just randomly chosen

  • imagine a hairless toucan though

  • 0:26: never let go (go, go), never give up (up, up), never let go never give up 0:34: you let go you a**hole

  • That couch cushion needs to be censored.