The Largest Sandcastle Ever Built

Birt 29 apr 2021
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  • Daily Dose is a Chinchilla confirmed

  • 1:18 Was that the Radiance?

  • 1:34 we basically already have flying hoverboard just no one is using it lol

  • The end was heart touching. ❤️

  • Nah dude you sound like a 14yo boy not a woman, js

  • 0:20 that is really big for a sand castle

  • How to make his animal profitable when you're a youtuber

  • Erm, why? It had to be Germany didn't it.

  • Omg I love the ending XD

  • Now step on it!

  • 2:00 Hansel and Gretel when they don't get along

  • 0:41 the Monke Titan doing the Rumbling himself😂

  • 3:13 r/mademesmile

  • Nobody Literally Nobody Me surprised to see hamster at the end of this video.😍😍

  • 0:53 they are probably not able to get children anymore

  • if rain starts and than sand castle will...🤣

  • 1:20 its just a sun

  • Be a shame if a kid ran on it

  • Drone surfing dude is a legend

  • My Octupus Teahcer is a great Netflix film, very beautiful and sad.

  • So all this time, i watch a video made by a chinchilla 😱

  • cute Chinchilla 🐹😁

  • The rat at the end is a paid actor.

  • 1:08 add halo theme

  • 0:40 monke

  • Rain: I'm gonna destroy this mans whole career

  • 1:01 live footage of planet Vegeta's destruction

  • 0:58 u get roasted not the food

  • 1:36 imagine seeing this in the middle of night driving I would be convinced I was dreaming or something lol

  • You know Humanity's on it's peek when we build sandcastles like this

  • what if i jump on those castle i must become daily dose of internet

  • 1:16 look it's the sunrise! No that's Russia sending a nuke on us

  • What’s chinchilla

  • Love the last one!

  • 3:14 super cute!😘

  • Watchdogs Legion IRL

  • Dude: haha got you, it’s a video not a picture!! Horse: 👁👅👁

  • 😀😂😂😀😀😀

  • 1:05 that awkward moment when the sun rises from the west.

  • The ending there really got me… I had a different idea of what you looked like 🤣

  • Guy in drone is Ontario California

  • That Chinchilla is extremely cute. Thanks for still producing such enjoyable and possitive videos. I hope your past health troubles, are now under total control and a thing of the past. I've been subscribed for many years now and you have NEVER disappointed me or produced anything that has upset me. You make EVERYONE'S day a little better but most of the time you make my day a "LOT", better. Be safe, well, content and very happy mate. Bob. Australia.

  • The space x one looked like the sun rising

  • I always thought that you say letter not and not later

  • The sun just set into the sky.

  • imagine you made a huge-ass sandcastle and it rained😭😭

  • "It's made of only sand and water" The wood frames: *Am I a joke to you?*

  • nah cause why is no what talking about the microwave clip- that’s literally radiation, which causes cancer. i really hope the person filming that clip is ok

  • That drew dont quite sound like a female doe.

  • Bro imagine seeing 1:05 1am in the morning while stressing over your homework

  • My daily does of Mental Health 😃

  • Drone surfing is the closest thing we have to hoverboards

    • @kolim jone I said literally nothing about the voice guy

    • That guy sounded nothing like a female. More like gay dude. Secretly he's probably gay

  • I've always thought slime molds are just the weirdest things. They low key are the stuff of my nightmares 🥴


  • imagine it rained

  • The sun has come out wow!! 1:12

  • Nobody’s gonna do the PSA on the open Microwave, though?

  • omg that gray Pikachu in the end totally got me subscribed, that's TOOOOOO CUTE owo

  • 0:46 Something is wrong, I can fell it

  • 2030 make a garage out of sand 2040 make a house out of sand 2050 make a skyscraper out of sand 2060 make the earth out of sand

  • The sun... 1:17

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  • Daily dose face reveal 3:23

  • That wasn't a ship that was Escanor.

  • The Egyptians: That aint it chief.

  • Bro the space launch just whent line night time day time

  • That guy sounded nothing like a female. More like gay dude. Secretly he's probably gay

  • Have you done a face revealed

  • 1:08 plus ultra PROMINENCE BUUUUURRRRN

  • Do not use this microwave. It should be thrown away

  • 1:33 wasn’t that guy in a mrbeast video


  • Riding that drone reminds me of Watch Dogs: Legion

  • All it takes is a rainy day to take it out

  • 2:22 aaah yes. The Cheese desease

  • Wow

  • 1:17 also incredibly bad for the environment sadly :(

  • natt have better female voice

  • end screen

  • That dude sounds like megfrom Hercules :0

  • Its all fun and games until it started raining and the sand starts to deform

  • The hand fishing is just reversed video

  • Hampter

  • i think u mean the pyramids

  • the guys who created that sand castle are legit mad lads.

  • The saddest part is that that whole castle could be easily destroyed in the blink of an eye

  • Plot twist: THE THING ATE PAPER


  • Wait are you telling me yellow temperance is real?

  • Need a really big bully to stomp that one

  • The microwave just built different😎

  • 0:53 Easy tutorial on how to get brain cancer. (no virus)

  • 1:58 lol

  • **Rain** Everyone:👁 👁 👄

  • Kid Comes and Stomps on it🤣

  • dude ppl who didn't know abt the rocket launch prob so confused that its mornin

  • i wanna see the largest snow castle

  • That dog isn't sharing its human jahahaahhahaah

  • The female voice was kinda cringe ngl

  • 1:02 so that's how they send the sun back up after it's daily mantainence